Thursday, May 9, 2013

MTGO Dragon's Maze Prerelease

The payout seems horrible, but I thought I'd give this online prerelease a go. It's a 20 ticket + 1 "guildmark" buy in at $25 total where the guildmarks designate which of the 10 Ravnica guilds is your guild of choice. Just like the Gatecrash Prerelease, I went with Orzhov. All of the "secret ally guilds" seemed reasonable, just as long as I didn't get Golgari... and of course I get, yeah, you guessed it.

Here was my pool:
I only had 2 real bombs in Ruric Thar (green/red) & Progenitor Mimc (blue/green) and my colors were white, black, and green. On the other hand, I had some cluestones, 6 on-color guild gates, a Transguild Promenade, and a Prophetic Prism so... yolo?

Long story short, I decided to go Junk splashing Izzet and here was the 40 I settled on:
My curve stopped at 6 and even though I would double splashing for both of my bombs, they did exactly what you want your 6cmc cards to do -- they closed games. Every single one of my games ended with either a Ruric Thar with me ahead on board, a Progenitor Mimic copying my blue gatekeeper, or Armed & Dangerous in a huge blowout.
The Thrashing Mossdogs did a lot of work as 3/3 creatures with reach, but I only ever scavenged once. Gift of Orzhova came in a couple times from the board to win some races against a couple of aggressive opponents. But other than that I didn't make too many sideboard changes.

I ended up going 3-1 and won 4 packs of Dragon's Maze, a promo Maze's End, and a foil promo Maze's End. I didn't open any real money cards and I didn't open any shocklands.

Not bad, but not great.

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