Thursday, February 14, 2013

Crack-a-Pack #8

You're drafting Rafiq of the Many vs. Nicol Bolas (The Cube!). It's pack 1, pick 1 and you open the following cards:

What would you pick?

This is my first crack-a-pack with the new cube:
  • Blood Artist & Kalastria Highborn - In the right deck, together with Falkenrath Noble, these 3 cards can provide the backbone of a very powerful, Tribal Vampire deck. Since goblins in this cube have adopted a token strategy with cards like Krenko's Command, Goblin Rally, Krenko, Siege-Gang Commander, and Wort, Raidmother, it's possible to draft a goblin/vampire hybrid deck where creature tokens will be dying early and often.
  • Trumpet Blast - A fantastic finisher in any goblin deck.
  • Vampire Nighthawk - An all purpose creature that will make your deck no matter what.
  • Ambassador Laquatus - Originally included in the cube to replace Sands of Delierium in M13, Ambassador Laquatus fits a Tribal Merfolk sub-theme and gives your deck an alternate win condition through mill.
  • Azorius Signet - Not really first pick material, but it may slant your eventual decision to something bant, knowing that a bant mana rock may wheel back around. Remember, this cube is only built for 4-5 people. So even though there is only 1 mana rock, this particular pack will come back around to you very quickly and you'll see it at least 3 times during the draft.
  • Rafiq of the Many - One of the premiere cards in the cube that can be a devastating 4 drop, dealing damage out of nowhere. When Rafiq hits the table, all combat math is centered around him and his abilities.
  • Giltspire Avenger - Another strictly bant exalted card. In a normal cube, it would be way too early to commit to a 3-color card. But this isn't a normal cube. Picking up a bant or grixis card p1p1 is perfectly reasonable.
  • Plummet - One of green's only removal spells. Green really hates fliers in this cube.
  • Wurmcoil Engine - I've considered cutting the Wurmcoil Engine and replacing it with something like Precursor Golem instead. The reason it's in the cube is because I needed another artifact creature that would fit into the Trading Post deck. A very powerful card that will make your deck no matter what archetype or color combination you end up.
  • Watery Grave & Temple Garden - Take your pick of both a grixis and bant shock land. It should be noted that Watery grave fits both the grixis and esper decks while Temple Garden can be fetched with Wood Elves and Ranger's Path. Not all dual lands are created exactly equal in this cube.
  • Arms Dealer - A very powerful creature in a creature heavy format.
  • Thragtusk - The bane of all aggro decks.
  • Scuzzback Marauders - A goblin role player.

An interesting pack for my first crack-a-pack with this cube. There a couple different directions you could go and here are the stand outs to me:
  1. Vampire Nighthawk
  2. Rafiq of the Many
  3. Wurmcoil Engine
  4. Thragtusk

I think Rafiq and Wurmcoil Engine should be the 2 front runners with Thragtusk not far behind. Wurmcoil Engine will be the most annoying for your opponent to deal with, but Thragtusk gives you life now. Vampire Nighthawk might look like it's outclassed by Wurmcoil Engine in every way, but it can also block fliers and if you're just in the mood to force tribal, Vampire Nighthawk is just as good a reason as any.

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  1. Update: I agree with everyone in the poll. Wurmcoil Engine is just too powerful for this format and I've decided to replace it with Triskelion instead. It gains a little value with Trading Post since you can keep recasting it with more +1/+1 counters, it's kind of an elegant pairing with Pentavus, and both Trikelion & Pentavus showed up in M11.