Sunday, January 20, 2013

Crack-a-Pack #7

You're drafting The Mighty Morphin' Cube. It's pack 1, pick 1 and you open the following cards:

What would you pick?

This is a really interesting pack because it has potential for some of my favorite archetypes:
  • Charcoal Diamond, Sky Diamond, and Simic Signet - 3 of the 20 mana rocks are in this pack, so you can feel free to go a little big with your first few picks knowing that acceleration will most likely swing back around. In this pack none of them are first picks, but it's worth noting any BUG cards worth splashing for future picks.
  • Scalding Tarn - It's a fetch land. Note the RU colors for potential dual lands and move on.
  • Numot, the Devastator - Any Invasion or Planar Chaos dragon is a p1p1 quality card and this dragon has the potential to lock your opponent out of the game completely. There isn't too much land destruction in this format and there will always be targets for his ability (unlike some of the other dragons).
  • Voidmage Prodigy - There are only a couple reasons to push the Tribal Wizards in the cube and Voidmage Prodigy is one of those reasons. Picking up the prodigy here will be up to personal preference. Just know that the cube is light on counter magic and there really isn't any other way to play a straight "draw go" style deck without the prodigy. He provides unconditional counter magic which and worth considering.
  • Ashen Ghoul - Oracle Text has an errata turning the ghoul isn't a zombie and zombies are 1 of the 5 major tribes in the cube. If you really like zombies than he probably still isn't reason enough to go zombies, but then again, this is cube and it's all for fun. There are plenty of ways to self-mill in this format. Go for it if you want.
  • Aven Liberator - One of the better morph effects that acts as both a combat trick and counter magic at times. A 2/3 flying body isn't also very relevant. The liberator is a very good pick up for any deck when the pack swings around, but probably not p1p1 quality.
  • Defiant Falcon - Solid rebel card for your rebel deck... but not the best rebel int he pack. (Read on.)
  • Rally the Peasants - Solid combat trick in this creature heavy format. Definitely worth playing in any RW deck and probably worth considering any white deck with a minor red splash.
  • Elvish Aberration and Ring of Kalonia - Green isn't well represented in this pack and elves isn't going to be a thing for you.
  • Changeling Hero - If you've been following along with this blog, you'll know of my love for the champion changelings combined with morph. First picking this particular changeling opens you up to two of my favorite archetypes: Big Morph and Tribal Rebels. Changeling Hero can cheat any huge morph creature into play, but it can also act as the high end of your rebel curve as you climb the rebel CMC chain. I think Tribal Rebels is one of the best tribes in this cube and definitely worth considering.
  • Saving Grasp - Minor combat trick that fills a very narrow role.
  • Rough / Tumble - This is one of the best pieces of removal and one of the best sweepers in the entire cube. Rough conveniently kills all face-down creatures and Tumble conveniently kills all dragons. In fact, Tumble kills all flying creatures in the cube except for Liege of the Pit. Everything else in the air is 6 toughness or less.

A very interesting pack that can send you in very different directions both in terms of power and personal preference. Here are the cards that catch my eyes for p1p1:
  1. Numut, the Devastator
  2. Voidmage Prodigy
  3. Changeling Hero
  4. Rough / Tumble

You have 4 legitimate p1p1's with no clear winner (I think). Also note: Voidmage Prodigy, Changeling Hero, and Rough / Tumble all fall under Numot's colors. Even the fetch land and one of the mana rocks want to be in the Numot Deck (not to mention Aven Liberator). So many first picking Numot should be the answer from the start and just pick up whatever gets passed back your way? I don't know. You tell me:

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