Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Crack-a-Pack #6

You're drafting The Mighty Morphin' Cube. It's pack 1, pick 1 and you open the following cards:

What would you pick?

This is a pretty mediocre pack for this cube. Let's go down the list:
  • Dimir Signet and Talisman of Indulgence - All the mana rocks are cards you're happy to wheel and are necessary for every deck in this format, but there are so many of them in the cube. You really shouldn't be taking any mana rock p1p1 unless there really isn't anything else to take.
  • Adaptive Automaton - Do you enjoy drafting tribal or more decks in this cube? Both archetypes are equally represented and it all comes down to personal preference.
  • Order/Chaos and Odds/Ends - Instant speed removal is premium removal in this format. Between the two, I think Order/Chaos is easily better.
  • Vault of the Archangel - One of the best utility lands in the cube. The only downside is that there aren't really any strong BW archetypes other than Tribal Rebels. There is plenty of mana fixing, but it's something to think about.
  • Ravenous Baloth - Even though 'beasts' are one of the official tribes for this cube, "Tribal Beasts" really isn't a thing. Beasts are represented in Green Ramp, Spider Spawning, and Reanimator, but the beast tribe is always secondary.
  • Chromeshell Crab - Morph, a control magic type effect, on a 3/3 body. This is a very good morph creature that can fit in any deck.
  • Fiend Hunter - What to say? Fiend Hunter was very good in Innistrad Block draft and it's equally good in this cube.
  • Gravel Slinger - This might be the 15th pick of the pack. You're happy to take it if you're heavy morph with a few tricks, but he's still very under-powered.
  • Fauna Shaman - The shaman is a premium creature in both the Spider Spawning and Reanimator decks. On top of that, she's a 2/2 body fr 2 mana in a format with 90 creatures with morph. In other words, her power/toughness is above the curve.
  • Memory's Journey - This card will either be a 15th pick in some decks or one of the main key pieces needed for Spider Spawning and Laboratory Maniac decks.
  • Big Game Hunter - An interesting card because you really have to evaluate it as if madness will almost never be activated. You'll be hard casting it almost every time. It's a great creature for the Rebel Deck and could be nice sideboard in other heavy black decks.
  • Shapesharer - This is a creature heavy format with many copy type effects and Shapesharer can be good, but it will never trigger any ETB effects.
  • Wild Hunger - This is one of the best combat tricks in the game for any aggressive deck.

In a mediocre pack, here's what I would consider:
  1. Fauna Shaman
  2. Vault of the Archangel
  3. Fiend Hunter

Chromeshell Crab and Wild Hunger get honorable mentions, but I think the other 3 are a step above the rest. And for me, this is an easy pick for Fauna Shaman. You're happy to put her into almost any deck and enables lots of the fun decks I like to play. When almost every creature in the cube has a trick (either ETB or morph triggered ability), Fauna Shaman can fetch whatever you need at any time.

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