Monday, September 10, 2012

New Card - Cyclonic Rift

I've decided to give first impressions & deck ideas for only 1 card a day (in contrast to my review of Dark Ascension, where I did nearly every single card in the set).

First Impression

The best card with Overload revealed so far, and it's a good one. It's an appropriately costed all catching bounce spell with a back breaking Overload. This card could see constructed play (?). It's also very important to note that "nonland" includes planeswalkers.

Deck Ideas

What is there to say about a card with such a generalized effect? It goes into any blue control deck that needs to slow down the pace of the game. In terms of casual play, I'd love to pair this card with 4 copies of Black Vise, Trinket Mages, Copy Artifacts, and other control spells and win by vising your opponent to death every time.

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