Friday, August 17, 2012

TSG Battle of Wits @ World Magic Cup

Tristan Shaun Gregson has been spotted at the World Magic Cup running the following deck:

TSG Battle of Wits
Innistrad Block Constructed

Creatures (50)
50 Griselbrand

Spells (100)
50 Entreat the Angels
50 Bonfire of the Damned

Enchantments (4)
4 Battle of Wits

Land (50)
50 Cavern of Souls

How does this deck work?

Sadly, TSG's deck fails on many levels. First, nonbasic lands are limited to four copies per deck. So that makes the entire deck illegal right from the start. But for the sake of argument, let's say this isn't an issue... the deck still wouldn't work for many reasons.

TSG forgot that the colored mana generated by Cavern of Souls may only be used to cast creature spells. Therefore, with his current deck list, he would never be able to cast Battle of Wits with nothing but caverns. But for the sake of argument, let say he illegally played Battle of Wits after tapping 5 caverns and his opponent never called a judge or challenged the play... the deck still doesn't work.

There just aren't enough cards in the deck.

Even if TSG mulliganed down to a 1 card hand and if that card was Battle of Wits and if he drew 5 consecutive lands in a row to slam down Battle of Wits, his library would already be down to 199 cards! You need 200 cards in your library at the beginning of your upkeep for Battle of Wits to have any effect and TSG's deck list only has a total of 204! At this point his only hope for victory would be to drop 3 more lands and win the game with a Griselbrand. Or maybe he could follow it up with an illegally cast Entreat the Angels or an equally illegal Bonfire of the Damned, but that plan doesn't sound very good to me at all.

In the end, I think TSG has a lot of work to do on this deck before it ever becomes constructed playable.


* * *

I regret to announce that Tristan Shaun Gregson is no longer in any way affiliated with

Two weeks ago, it came to light that approximately 50 copies of 4 of the top selling Avacyn Restored cards were missing from the ChannelFireball inventory. Upon investigation, an eBay seller by the name of “eldraziseller” was selling these exact cards in the approximate quantity missing from the Channelfireball inventory. In early 2010, “eldraziseller” had changed his eBay name from “gregsonsw.” When ChannelFireball management contacted eBay, eBay confirmed that the account was owned by a Shaun Gregson.

ChannelFireball arranged for cards to be purchased from “eldraziseller,” and the PayPal account to which payment was made was registered to “Tristan Gregson Gregson.”



* * *

I know I'm making light of the situation, but in all seriousness, it's quite sad. I was a huge fan of all the Youtube content TSG was pumping out for Channel Fireball. I got the impression that LSV & TSG were really good friends, so it's all kind of heart breaking that TSG would do that to his friend's company/team on a personal and financial level. This is assuming that the situation was as bad as LSV's message made it out to be.

What a shame.

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