Friday, June 1, 2012

Crack-a-Pack #4

You're drafting The Mighty Morphin' Cube. It's pack 1, pick 1 and you open the following cards:

What would you pick?

If I opened these cards, here's what my initial evaluation would be:
  • Gilt-Leaf Palace - Great if you're already in black & green, but if you're going to take a dual land first pick, at least take a "real" dual land.
  • Talisman of Progress and Simic Signet - There's nothing wrong with a mana rock if you're unsure of what else to pick or if you really like a particular color combination.
  • Skirk Alarmist - This is one of my favorites. Skirk Alarmist enables all kinds of fun times with all kinds of combat and non-combat tricks alike.
  • Synapse Sliver, Mistform Sliver, Opaline Sliver, and Psionic Sliver - Of all the tribes featured in the Cube, slivers are my favorite. But make no mistake about it, there is a relatively large amount of changeling & mistform type creatures in the cube that can turn your slivers' abilities against you. This happened to someone the last time I drafted and the sliver deck crashed and burned.
  • Chromeshell Crab, Tribal Forcemage, Defender of the Order, and Disruptive Pitmage - Of the 3 morph creatures, Chromeshell Crab is probably the most fun.
  • Whetwheel - A fun card that gives you an alternate win condition.
  • Chartooth Cougar - One of the better land cyclers. A decent body with a relevant creature type.
  • Magma Spray - One of many "2 damage for 1 red" removal spells.

I narrow it down to 2 possible picks:
  1. Skirk Alarmist
  2. Chromeshell Crab

This pack is interesting because if you rate these 2 creatures as #1 and #2 in the pack, almost every other card would tie for a #3 by my estimate. The mana rocks, a few of the slivers, Tribal Forcemage, Whetwheel, Chartooth Cougar, and Magma Spray are all decent picks.

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