Saturday, April 7, 2012

New Card - Thunderous Wrath

Breaking news coming out of PAX East, including a new card with a new mechanic: Miracle

First Impression

Nice! Not only because Miracle is a new mechanic, but also because it's completely different than any other mechanic. Play as you draw seems like an untapped resource and it opens untapped deck possibilities. It's a shame the hard casting cost can't be seen in the pic (from a phone?), but in some ways it doesn't matter. It has the potential of dealing 5 damage for 1 red and that makes it extremely playable and all you're sacrificing is the ability to hold it in your hand. One final thought: Just as Delver of Secrets is infinitely better in older formats due to the ability to stack the top of your library, I suspect Miracle cards to benefit in a similar way. (Brainstorm + Thunderous Rath is going to be the nuts.)

Deck Ideas

Speaking of Delver of Secrets, I think it might have just found a new best friend. UR Tempo Delver? Sounds good to me.

edit: The official image is now available and when checking out the casting cost, I discovered something much more special. What I like most about Thunderous Wrath (and of the Miracle mechanic in general) is WotC's decision to give Miracle cards a special frame/border:

They've definitely embraced the whole "top deck" nature of this mechanic and in truly dire circumstances you can just imagine someone slow rolling the draw, sliding the card slowly across the table, and then peeling the top edge of it upward... and then seeing that special sign that points them to victory.

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