Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Card - Revenge of the Hunted

The 4th of the Avacyn Restored Miracle Cycle has hit the internet:

First Impression

It's still hard to judge the Miracle mechanic all on its own, simply because how good or bad it ends up being is completely dependent on the supporting cast of characters and the ability to manipulated the top of your library, especially with your ability exchange cards from your hand with your library. If there is zero manipulation then these Miracle cards borderline casual exclusive. Their hard casting costs are just too high. If there are "Ponder" type effects, they become a little better because you have more control over popping them situationally as opposed to "just getting lucky." If there is some way to tutor through your library and/or graveyard and place the Miracle card on top of your library, this suddenly becomes interesting and your control over the spell greatly increases. But what you really want is a "Brainstorm" type effect. This is your happy place. Once you get here, the power of the cards goes through the roof and you're ready to smash face all day in your competitive constructed decks. That being said, until further notice, we can still evaluate these cards against one another.

Banishing Stroke and Temporary Mastery are both a little funky, so the best comparison to Revenge of the Hunted I think would be Thunderous Wrath. And call me crazy, but I think Revenge of the Hunted is a lot better. Sure "burn" will always be burn, but bang for your buck, pound-for-pound, I think Revenge of the Hunted is much more reasonably costed (both hard cost and miracle cost) for its effect than Thunderous Wrath. Giving your dudes +6/+6, trample, and lure is an incredible effect for a single green mana. While 5 damage for a single red is still awesome, but you really want to keep "Lava Axe" effects until you can kill your opponent outright -- you want to wait for the right moment. Because of the top deck nature of the mechanic, you don't get to wait. It just happens. And I think not being able to wait devalues its effect.

Note: Banishing Strike is uncommon, Temporary Mastery is mythic, and Revenge of the Hunted is rare. There are either multiple cycles of cards or they just decided to ignore rarity. Considering that Avacyn Restored is a 244 card set, we might be seeing a lot of Miracle cards by the time the entire set is spoiled.

Double Take: I took a second look at the art and... is that the Huntmaster of the Fells? What happened to him? Just because he was a werewolf, the angels had to put him down? But he was so cool. Bastards.

Deck Ideas

I'm going to go to the old Thicket Basilik + Lure combo. One of the original MTG combos. Give me four copies of Revenge of the Hunted and a deck full of deathtouch creatures and if your opponent is going to be play a creature based deck, he's going to be a sad panda if he gets caught unaware. The best creatures with deathtouch have got to be... Glissa, the Traitor and Wurmcoil Engine? That's a devastating start to a deck if I've ever seen one.

If you go ramp, you'll even have the ability to hard cast it and no library/hand manipulation is required. Get lucky with an early miracle + mana dork or just ramp into the late game. Sounds good to me.

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