Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Card - Reforge the Soul

A new Avacyn Restored spoiler comes to us courtesy of Star City Games and the miracles keep on coming:

First Impression

Wheel of Fortune (or Wheel of Fate) returns! One of the things that made Wheel of Fortune so good was the fact that you could choose when to cast the spell. In theory, if you went by the card text alone, Wheel of Fortune was a balanced card. It may even be worded slightly in your opponent's favor because you had to spend the mana to cast it and it cost you a card. In practice, when you put it in a deck built around its effect and add that to the fact that you get first crack at casting a full hand of seven new cards and Wheel of Fortune was completely broken. From a design standpoint, at least Reforge the Soul somewhat takes that advantage away.

Deck Ideas

Everyone's been saying that Avacyn Restored is bringing the Burning Vengeance Deck back because cards that fall right in that deck's wheel house keep getting spoiled and... I think I finally might be on board. I think the trick to breaking this card is to stick in a deck where timing on the "Wheel of Fortune effect" doesn't matter or is at least minimized. In other words, Reforge the Soul would work best in any deck where it would benefit that deck whenever it was cast, regardless of the current board state. And one of those decks is the Burning Vengeance Deck.

In that deck, discarding and drawing cards is the name of the game. Because of the amount of flashback and graveyard abuse found in the deck, discarding now or later makes no difference. It is always a good idea to cast this spell in that deck.

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