Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Card - Infinite Reflection

Now here's an Avacyn Restored card that gets the Johnny in me tickled in all the right ways:

First Impression:

"How do I break it?"

The easy answer is with a lord type card. But it wouldn't work with Drogskol Captain and Lingering Souls because it only effects nontoken creatures. (Yes, I edited this post. Drogskol Captain was my first idea.) But if not the captain, then what? Let's stay in Innistrad and I'm going to say...

Deck Ideas

...Diregraf Captain + Gravecrawler.

If I can't use tokens, I'll use the next best thing. While in play, each of your creatures still captains one another (forcing additional life loss for each copy in play). But with the Gravecrawlers, you can actually get them back into play with a single black and keep the captain shinanigans coming.

Or we could just go outside of Innistrad and abuse the legendary rule. And when you start talking about legends that love to be blown up intentionally when additional copies are brought into play, you have to start talking about Kokusho, the Evening Star:

Step 1: Play Kokusho.
Step 2: Play any other nontoken creatures.
Step 3: Play Infinite Reflection on Kokusho, draining your opponent for infinite life.

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