Monday, April 16, 2012

New Card - Entreat the Angels

The Avacyn Restored miracles keep on coming... and their power (potential) power level isn't going to come down any time soon:

First Impression

Is it just me or is this card just completely bonkers? Before you blow your load, as with all miracles, I think it's important to evaluate the card based on the worst case scenario. At worst, you're paying 2WWW for a single 4/4 angel. A few years ago, during the reign of Serra Angel, that would have been more than reasonable. Now in the age of Baneslayer Angel, it's not that impressive. But then again, that's the worst case scenario and the card just goes up and up from there. 4WWW gets you two angels and 6WWW gets you three angels, but at that point, I'd rather just be casting an Army of the Damned to be honest. So let's talk about miracle.

It's turn three and you're looking to apply some pressure. You peel the top card off your library, tap three plains, and then drop a 3rd turn 4/4 flyier on the field, ready to beat face. Excellent, even when X only equals 1. Imagine drawing this late game and the game is just over if your opponent ever gives you a chance to attack. It's basically everything you ever wanted in a miracle and a game ender.

(You're now allowed to blow your load.)

edit: I guess you actually can't do that on turn 3 because you won't have your 3rd land in play during your draw step, but you get the idea.

Deck Ideas

Like I've talked about in the past, I'm getting increasingly interested in making "The Miracle Deck." The more miracles they spoil, the more I think this deck might actually work. I'm thinking what is essentially a ramp deck with miracles instead of titans (or in place of the titans when they rotate out in M13). Forget all about library manipulation. Just think about consistently ramping out your mana like you normally do and being able to hard cast all of these miracles if need be. If you draw the right miracle at the right time, then great. If you don't, then no big deal. Your deck is set to hard cast them anyway.

I think it could work.

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