Monday, April 9, 2012

New Card - Druid's Repository

Tuesday's Avacyn Restored spoilers start now:

First Impression

Two interesting things about this card:
  1. It triggers whenever one of your creatures attacks and not whenever it "deals combat damage to a player." So you're guaranteed the extra mana as soon as you commit to combat.
  2. It stores the mana as charge counters until the charges are used up.
WotC could have easily made this card trigger whenever combat damage was dealt and only "add X amount of green mana during the next post-combat main phase." But they didn't. Instead, you get this odd enchantment that really does something that's never been done before. Also note that this is the first appearance of "charge counters" in Innistrad Block. And when one card with charge counters appears in any set, expect many more to follow.

Deck Ideas

I imagine that the idea for this card came up long after it was decided that Innistrad was going to be a token heavy set. Gather the Townsfolk, Midnight Haunting, and Druid's Repository deck that ramps into any number of potential angels & demons? Or let's go even bigger and start talking X spells like Devil's Play and Increasing Confusion. How crazy would that be?

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