Sunday, April 8, 2012

New Card - Cloudshift

The Monday preview week continues to a card specifically made for me:

First Impression

Cloudshift... seriously?

Together with Restoration Angel, it's like AVR is being made specifically for my Cube. But I have to say that "Flicker" is such a better name with better art with better flavor and yet Cloudshift is strictly better. That makes me a little sad. But now the only question is whether or not to include both in the cube or not.

Deck Ideas

And here I was, ready to finalize my list and purchase the final cards needed to complete my Cube. Maybe I should wait until Avacyn Restored is completely spoiled? Cloudshift obviously goes into any deck that wants to abuse "enters the battlefield" effects, but if I were to build a deck around it, I think it would be more fun to steal creatures permanently after gaining control of them temporarily. You see, it actually gives you permanent control over the creature you blink (unlike Flicker). So this would mean cards like Threaten and Ray of Command, but also cards like Olivia Volderan.

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