Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Card - Cavern of Souls

A brand new land from Avacyn Restored and it's not part of the Gavony Township/Kessig Wolf Run/Vault of the Archangel cycle. This one was first spoiled by www.MagicMadrid.es:

Cavern of Souls
When Land of Awesome enters the battlefield, choose a creature type.
Tap: Add 1 to your mana pool.
Tap: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool. Spend this mana only to play a creature of the chosen type. That creature cannot be countered.

First Impression

This is going to be an auto-include into any 2+ color tribal deck... ever. Until the end of time, as long as people are still playing magic, Cavern of Souls is going to be played by every tribal deck. It's as simple as that.
  1. It's not legendary.
  2. It doesn't come into play tapped.
  3. It even prevents creatures from being countered.
  4. I hope this card is translated correctly.

Deck Ideas

Do I even have to point out that this is pretty much the dream card for my Cube. It's basically tailor made for multipurpose use to be drafted by anyone to power out any type of creature. But as odd as it may sound... I actually wish it didn't prevent creatures from being countered. That ending clause basically weakens what little counter magic there is in the Cube and the thing is that I already feel like the counter magic is balanced. It's basically taking the balance that I like and skewing it in one direction.

(But I'll take it. Small price.)


  1. nikko sison is a beach

  2. Love your articles on new cards! Cavern of Souls is a very scary card. It seems as it will impact many formats. As for standard decks could delver have finally met its match?

  3. Yeah, remember that these are all written seconds after I see the new cards for the first time. So they really are my "first impressions." And when I read Cavern of Souls, I went in a "deer in headlights" mode, focused on tribal and completely missed the possibilities for decks that aren't just strictly tribal.

    Take delver for example: They run 4x Delver, 4x Snapcaster, and sometimes a few Invisible Stalkers. It's not a tribal deck, but they do have a lot of humans. The question then becomes if 8+ humans is enough reason to run the caverns? What is the minimum amount of creatures that share a common creature type a deck can have before the caverns become viable?

    This could be the best card in the entire set. I dunno, I think it's crazy.

    (Thanks for reading.)

  4. Why does there need to be a minimum to run this land??? If my deck has even 2 of any creature that is the crux of my combo or my deck, why not protect it for the game???

  5. It's basically dependent on how well your deck can use colorless mana. Let's say you have a mono-artifact deck, you're probably going to consider 4x caverns... but maybe your deck only has room for a full set of urzatron + Ugin + Academy Ruins or things like that. So as long as you can fit more non-basics and as long as you can use the colorless mana consistently... these lands are going to be everywhere.