Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Card - Bruna, Light of Alabaster

The last of the 3 Avacyn Restored gold angels is revealed at it looks to be a beating in the right deck:

First Impression

...And "the right deck" happens to be an Enchanter Deck that's heavy on aura magic and less of the global variety. Her text box is a little wordy, but she basically gives you control of every creature aura in play in your hand and/or in your graveyard. The first thing to note is that she can only grab your opponent's auras in play and not from their graveyard. A weird distinction, but okay, I'm still on board. With a casting cost of 6cc, she's totally playable and I could see 1 or 2 copies of her topping off a mana curve. (That sounded dirty.)

Deck Ideas

My first instinct would be to throw her into a deck with a lot of self-mill with 4 copies of Rancor being the go-to auras for her to abuse. With Rancor, you could self-mill them, bring them back with Bruna, and even if she dies, the Rancors just pop back to your hand. In the past, the only downside to Rancor was that if they got discarded or destroyed, that always made you a little sad. (What a shame.) I suppose you could go the standard route and mix in the usual of Armadillo Cloak, on top of Wild Growth, Fertile Ground, and Enchantresses, all fueled by Serra's Sanctum. A little boring, but it would get the job done.

But if you really wanted to have fun, look no further than Call to the Kindred. With all the angels, this could even be an Innistrad Block deck. Fill it with all the usual self-mill that UG brings to the table (Thought Scour, Mulch, Traveler's Instinct, etc.) have 4 copies of Call to the Kindred, 4 copies of Unburial Rites, and as many angels as you see fit.

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