Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Card - Bonfire of the Damned

The latest Avacyn Restored miracle has got to be the best card in terms of value per cost, right?

First Impression

I like it. All the miracle costs of past miracle cards have all been super cheap and Bonfire of the Damned is no exception. But it's the hard casting cost on top of a meta game that's littered with Lingering Souls tokens which gets me thinking this card is very playable. If you top deck it, you smash face. If not, you clear the battlefield of tokens for 3 mana. Sounds good to me. (The effect itself is pretty standard stuff.)

Deck Idea

In my review of the last miracle card (Revenge of the Hunted), I made note of the diversity in rarity of the spoiled miracle cards up until that point. I said that because the rarities of them were all over the place, there is more than likely going to be more than one cycle of miracles in Avacyn Restored -- Bonfire of the Damned confirms this.

This is the second red miracle to be spoiled to go along with Thunderous Wrath. Meaning that these things are going to be everywhere, especially in limited. If he come out with enough worth while miracles, I wonder if you'll be able to make "The Miracle Deck."

Hear me out.

All you would need would be mana fixers, mana accelerators, a few control cards, maybe a Lingering Souls or two to stall the game, and then jam pack it with miracles. It would be the ultimate "top deck" deck. Your opponents would hate you for being "lucky" and you'd love them for it. Essentially, what I'm describing is a ramp deck that can either ramp into the hard casting costs of all the miracles and/or get lucky on the way and top deck exactly what you need. In this deck, no land or library manipulation would be necessary. You'd either win by ramping into your bombs or you'd be playing your bombs at a discount.

I can live the dream, can't I?

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