Sunday, April 8, 2012

New Card - Banishing Stroke

It's Monday, preview week for Avacyn Restored starts now and there are a ton of cards to review, so let's dive right in:

First Impression

I was all on board for Thunderous Wrath because that card that just end games immediately. This card on the other hand seems completely unplayable outside of limited if used in any format where Brainstorm isn't legal. The effect for the hard casting cost is beyond the point of unreasonable and squarely in the realm of unplayable. This is essentially a dead card in your hand if you have no way to place it from your hand to the top of your library.

Deck Ideas

I get the feeling that I'm going to be referencing many potential "Brainstorm Decks" by the time the Avacyn Restored spoilers are done. Don't get me wrong, Miracle is a powerful mechanic, but the hard cost is just too much to do anything else with them. I kind of want to wait until all of the Miracle cards are spoiled until I dig a little deeper into this potential deck.

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