Monday, April 2, 2012

New Card - Avacyn, Angel of Hope

The first new card from Avacyn Restored has finally been spoiled (through official WotC channels) and the spoiled card is Avacyn herself:

First Impression

A top contender for a reanimation target? At least a sideboard card against decks that have no out to indestructible creatures, right? It's a super powerful creature that doesn't have a reshuffle clause at the end so it seems pretty simple to me. She's big, she has vigilance, and she's a Darksteel Forge on a stick.

That being said, I have to say that I was wrong in my prediction. It's been spoiled a long time ago that double-sided cards would no longer appear in Avacyn Restored. I was betting that Avacyn would either have a Fateful Hour ability or she would have a line of text that read: "Permanents can't transform." I suppose, at least thematically, making all your permanents indestructible at a point in the game where you would be in a position to bring a 8cc creature into play is Fateful Hour-esque. But that's as close as I got with my prediction.

In terms of design, I'm glad they were able to make her appropriately powerful and yet still keep Akroma, Angel of Wrath relevant. In other words, Avacyn is far from a "strictly better" Akroma. And this could easily have been the case. Instead, she lacks haste and personal protections, but gains a global defensive ability instead. At the end of the day, they're both legendary so there's room for singleton copies of them both in the same deck. On the other hand... I still think Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite is still the reigning queen of white fatties that end the game immediately. (Sorry, Avacyn. Close, but not quite.)

Deck Ideas

If you wanted to use a completely obnoxious lock, you could always use Avacyn, Angel of Hope in place of Darksteel Forge and pair her with either Platinum Angel or Worship. That combo never gets old and if they have no outs, then that's game. If I were to go that route, I'd probably take it one step further and include as many board sweepers as possible, including cards like Wrath of God, Armageddon, Jokulhaups, and Akroma's Vengeance. She's a tempting reanimation target, but for all the Commander/EDH players out there, I know they're dying to put her into their Kaalia of the Vast decks.

Personally, I'm currently trying to get away from my Legacy Decks and focus more on Block Constructed (for the time being). I can definitely see a place for her in a Innistrad Block Constructed Reanimator deck in the near future.

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