Saturday, April 7, 2012

My First Commander Deck - (Fail)

About a month ago, I tested the waters of Commander/EDH for the first time and now I've officially given up. The plan was to build a fun EDH deck, mostly out of rarely used cards in my collection and then get a couple of my friends to slap together decks of their own. The problem is that was just wishful thinking. My old play group (from 10+ years ago) rarely plays Magic these days and probably would never dedicate themselves enough to buying and collection the right cards to get that format to work. It also didn't help that a couple days after I posted my proposed decklist WotC decided to feature an article about the exact same archetype. (After all, no respectable brewer wants to brew something main stream, even a casual brewer. That defeats the point of brewing.) So I get on a brewing high for diving into a new format with my brain twisting and turning in brand new ways and then... reality sets in an WotC kicks me in the nuts.

It was a dark time... a lonely time... and then came the light...!

Still wanting to brew something new and exciting, I turned my attention to another alternative format and I think this one might stick. The Cube format seems like the perfect fit for someone in my situation. I've always said that I've spent much more money on Magic than anyone else in my play group. Even when I used to play a lot, I found myself having to dumb down my decks just to have fun. Only during FFA games would I take out slightly more powerful decks.

--But no more!

It's time to stop handicapping myself and turn my attention towards something that evens the playing field: The Cube.

Onslaught Block has always been my favorite set to draft (followed closely by triple Innistrad). The amount of fun any player had with that format was directly proportional to how much fun a player had with the morph mechanic. It was playing morphs, flipping morphs, playing more morphs, and flipping more morphs that defined the format. It brought a certain degree of surprise and luck to the game which allowed for an unprecedented level of bluffing to infuse itself into normal Magic play. Sure a lot of the times you ended up running a lot of 2/2's into a wall of opposing 2/2's, but it was still great. Flying was unusually powerful, "2 damage" was infinitely significant, and 3/3 creatures for two mana became the nuts. I bring all this up now because the Cube I'm making is 360 cards and contains a strict diet of exactly 90 creatures with morph -- 1/4 of the entire Cube. And I call this monstrosity The Mighty Morphin' Cube.

In short: Commander is deck, Cube is here to stay, and I hope you enjoyed Onslaught Block as much as I did because The Mighty Morphin' Cube is going to be a permanent fixture of this site and you'll always be able to find a link in the menu at the top. Feel free to also comment on MTG Salvation Thread about this same topic.

(Down with Commander! Long live Cube!)

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