Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cube Blog: Worldgorger Dragon

I felt the Cube needed (yet another) bomby rare. What I was looking for was the type of rare that could be snap picked on pack 1, pick 1 and then built around during the rest of the draft. And I came up with this:

- Commander Eesha

+ Worldgorger Dragon

Commander Eesha just wasn't cutting it on power level. I know that The Mighty Morphin' Cube is a slow format, but Eesha's real power comes after you buff it up with some fancy auras or equipment and this Cube has neither. It doesn't even have things like Soulcatcher's Aerie to maker her more of a threat. The aerie was just too narrow of a card and there just weren't enough efficient birds in print to make it worth while. Also, as it stands right now, Commander Eesha is completely outclassed by Galepowder Mage, who also fills that 4cc slot for white fliers. If you opened both Galepowder Mage and Commander Eesha in the same pack, the pick was for the mage and it wasn't even close. So the commander is out and the dragon is in.

Worldgorger Dragon makes a good fit for a number of reasons:
  1. Like I said above, the dragon is the type of card that can be taken as your first pack which can point you down some interesting paths during the course of the draft. These types of cards are always welcome in this Cube.
  2. It's a game ending card. Yes, it has a big body. 7/7 flying tramplers have been ending games since Magic the Gathering was first printed (i.e. Lord of the Pit). But more than that, it's kind of an all-or-nothing type card. You either cast the dragon and it wins you the game because your opponent is unable to deal with it or you die because the board state favored your opponent after every other permanent was temporarily exiled. Yes, this makes games with the dragon more swingy, but I figure variety wins it in this case. If there were a dozen cardsin the Cube that had similar effects, I would say it was over kill. But when no other card really does anything like this, it could be could be the "OMG" surprise that either saves or kills you.
  3. The dragon has good synergy with the morph mechanic. It basically does the same thing that the champions do, except on overdrive. (These champions include Changeling Berserker, Changeling Hero, and Changeling Titan) Not only can it flip multiple morphed creatures at the same time, but it also has an interaction with the champions themselves. If a champion has already exiled a morphed creature and if you then cast the Worldgroger Dragon, the champion will leave play, the creature that was championed will return to play, and you'll be left with both the dragon and the other creature as permanents. You can even get more creative with cards like Oblivion Ring and Journey to Nowhere.
  4. Worldgorger Dragon becomes another dragon target for Imperial Hellkite. So as of now the potential targets for Imperial Hellkite include: 10 changelings, Nameless Inversion, Quicksilver Dragon, Eternal Dragon, and now Worldgorger Dragon.
So if I decided to take this as my first pick in my first pack, I would then be on the look out huge creatures with morph, champions, white Flicker effects, as well as white Oblivion Ring effects. It's a brand new world for another non-tribal sub-archetype.

Worldgorger Dragon kind of gets a bad rap as a combo card from old Legacy & Vintage decks that abuse its interaction with Animate Dead. But in this Cube, I have total control of what makes it into the card pool as the only reanimation effects in the Cube are Life/Death and Doomed Necromancer -- both of which are unable to go infinite with the dragon.

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