Friday, April 27, 2012

Cube Blog: Enduring Renewal

I have to apologize for being all over the place with some of these more recent changes to The Mighty Morphin' Cube. I haven't been cataloging everything and some of the changes I keep going back-and-forth on. Some of the times I re-introduce a card is when it was initially borderline for the Cube, but then later ends up having really good synergy with a brand new addition. The following is one of those "brand new additions" and it spins the Cube around in all the right ways:

Much like Worldgorger Dragon, I think Enduring Renewal gets a bad reputation in Magic for being a combo card used to enable infinite loops. Unless you're a fan of infinite combos, it's a shame because they're both perfectly reasonable cards that can really make your head spin in new and interesting directions. Even without going infinite, I think Enduring Renewal might be able to find its way into some decks by enabling a few non-infinite combos:

  • Fiend Hunter and Starlit Sanctum - There aren't many ways to instantly sacrifice a creature in the Cube, but Starlit Sanctum is one of them. The sanctum allows you to do the stacking trick with the Fiend Hunter and Enduring Renewal allows you to rinse and repeat.
  • Doomed Necromancer - Enduring Renewal might dump all your future creatures into your graveyard, but the necromancer can fetch them out for free and with the combo, you can do this every single turn.
  • Acidic Sliver, Mindwhip Sliver, Necrotic Sliver, etc. - Many of the slivers have self-sacrifice effects that can be used over and over, ad nauseum.
  • Enlisted Officer, Goblin Ringleader, Grave Defiler, etc. - "Revealing and putting into your hand" does not equal "drawing a card." This means that each of these creatures can dig for more creatures after Enduring Renewal hits the table.
  • Gravecrawler, Undead Gladiator, and Eternal Dragon - None of these creatures make a repeatable combo with Enduring Renewal, but they're all creatures that you can still get value out of if they're initially milled during your draw step. These are all creatures that I'd keep my eye out for if I knew I was building a Enduring Renewal deck.
  • Akroma's Vengeance - If you ever need to turn Enduring Renewal 'off', you can always cast Akroma's Vengeance. This will get rid of the enchantment, wrath the board of all creatures, and then return all your creatures back to your hand.

(There are also random creatures like Goblin Legionnaire and others that could just be game changing if you drop Enduring Renewal and turn their effect into a repeatable effect.)

I initially rediscovered Enduring Renewal because I was searching for more cards that help reveal potential creatures with morph. Enduring Renewal both reveals those creatures in your hand and on top of your library as you draw new creatures, but it soon became a fun build-around card the more I thought about it. As long as I don't include things like Ornithopter and Atog to avoid infinite loops, I think Enduring Renewal can be a lot of fun in this creature heavy format.

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