Friday, March 23, 2012

New Card - Maelstrom Wanderer

According to the Wizards Arcana, a new Planechase set is being released and it's going to contain a total of 21 brand new cards. The new set is going to be called Planechase (2012 Edition). Planechase is normally a multiplayer format, but these new cards are going to be legal in both Vintage and Legacy. The first card they decided to spoil is the first of 5 new legendary creatures:

First Impression

I love it. I've always liked the Cascade ability (even though Shards of Alara came out during one of my breaks from magic). Like most casual players out there I've always wanted to make a cascade deck with dreams of chaining 4+ cascade cards in a row. And I like how the Maelstrom Wanderer's first ability is super relevant with cascade. If you cascade into a creature, no matter what creature you cascade into, you'll be able to attack with the team immediately and hopefully win the game in spectacular fashion.

Deck Ideas

The obvious direction to go is to stick this guy in your Commander Deck and just go wild with a RUG deck with Maelstrom Wanderer as your general. But this makes me want to give another crack at my Erratic Draco deck. I could never get that to work and maybe I should just give up on squeezing Draco into the build, but I'd love to brew a deck that starts with 1x Maelstrom Wanderer and 4x Bloodbraid Elves and who knows where it goes from there. (Time to cascade into a Bloodbraid Elf, Hypergenesis, into a Draco and then do it again to cascade into an Erratic Explosion to fling a Draco as your opponent's face?)

(Hm... I might be onto something.)

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