Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Card - Zombie Apocalypse

First Innistrad brought us Army of the Damned and now Wizards of the Coast as given all the zombie lovers of the world another card to play with in glee:

First Impressions

In the right deck, this card can be amazing... and if not amazing, at least it'll be really funny if it ever resolves. There's not really much to say about it. Cast a lot of zombies, wait until they die, and then bring them all back onto the battlefield once more. Or better yet, find a way to mill yourself, actively increase the zombie count in your graveyard at an accelerated pace, and then unleash the horde.

Deck Ideas

I'm not sure if Zombie Apocalypse fits into my Innistrad BUG Zombie deck or not. When it comes to self-mill vs. looting, in Innistrad, it seems to me that self-mill is king. Meaning, it's great if you're able to mill a zombie directly from your library into your graveyard, but it might be a problem if you draw too many zombies with high casting costs, unable to cast or discard them. Because of this, I still think it might be better to go with Rooftop Storm and Creeping Renaissance might be a better way to go.

But we'll see how the rest of Dark Ascension and Avacyn Restored turn out before I close the book on Zombie Apocalypse.

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