Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Card - Wolfbitten Captive / Krallenhorde Killer

The one green, werewolf is revealed through WotC's twitter, and it's a good one:

First Impression

Better than Reckless Waif (and I love Reckless Waif). But it's a good thing they're both excellent because it's possible that a Green/Red Werewolf deck could support 6-8 one drop werewolfs to better fit the curve. It's one mana for a 1/1 with a pump ability on par with Basking Rootwalla. It's in a format were Darkthicket Wolf is considered by many to be the best common creature in the set. I think the captive is going to see a lot of play, depending on how good the Werewolves Deck turns out to be.

Deck Ideas

Let's just go ahead and slap this on the deck I began building in my preview for Everwolf. You start with Wolfbitten Captive and drop a Mayor of Avabruck or Full Moon's Rise. You then transition into an Everwolf and Kruin Outlaw and then finally curve out to Instigator Gang. Either with a heartbreaking, defensive Moonmist or with a well-timed, offensive Moonmist, you seal the deal.

1 comment:

  1. If you play it on your first turn and it transforms for you second turn, your only hitting for two and you won't have enough mana to pump it up the +4/+4... and if it doesn't transform you have to pay another 2 mana to hit the opponent for 3 which you could use to play another cheap werewolf spell.
    I like Reckless Waif better personally.