Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Card - Vorapede

A shiney new, green mythic creature from Dark Ascension, first seen on SCG Live:

First Impression

I'm very sad that Vorapede doesn't feature a more interesting creature type. Maybe a 'Zombie Insect' or throw on a saddle and a human on top, riding it and call it a 'Human Insect' or something. But I supposed non-tribal decks can use some love too. Other than that, it's obviously a super solid creature featuring no less than three abilities, more notably: Undying.

Deck Ideas

I've been having this idea for a while and I might as well spoil it here.

I'm wondering if there's a potential Innistrad Block, Green/Black Gutter Grime deck which features Gravecrawler, Ghoultree, undying creatures, and Gutter Grime. Some noncreatures spells would include both Mulch and Altar's Reap.

What I think is missing (and what I'm waiting for in the rest of these Dark Ascension spoilers) is another green and/or black spell that helps self-mill your deck. Mulch alone won't do. I feel this deck needs a minimum of 8 self-mill spells to get it to work the way I want it.

The Gravecrawlers and undying creatures would fuel the Gutter Grime and you'd finish the game off with either Ooze tokens or Ghoultrees.

The problem with Vorapede and this theoretical deck is that both Gutter Grime and Vorapede are both competing for that 5cc slot. Still, something to think about.

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