Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Card - Talons of Falkenrath

The 3rd of 11 spoiled Dark Ascension cards from an anonymous source:

Enchant Creature
Enchanted Creature has: "1R: This creature gets +2/+0 until end of turn."

First Impression

I was starting to wonder where all the commons were hiding. And now that the commons are coming out of their hiding place, I kind of want to send some of them back to wherever the hell they came from. Talons of Falkenrath is just about as bad as they get. It's only saving grace is the fact that is has flash and with it, you have the ability to pay 4 mana to instantly give one of your creatures +2/+0.

Deck Ideas

Okay, maybe I'm not giving the talons enough credit. After all, it can be activated multiple times and only has a single red in its activation cost. I think one deck that would consider running the talons in limited is a blue/red deck that was already running 1-2 Invisible Stalkers. That 2 card combination would put a pretty fast clock on your opponent.

I still think it's a bad card, but I'm sure it'll see some play in limited in very specific decks that bank on evasion creatures for the win.

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