Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Card - Stromkrik Captain

A very vanilla-ish creature that's interesting to me for one very specific reason:

First Impression

Stromkirk Captain is a 3cc lord at the uncommon level. I'm not talking about conditional lords like Hamlet Captain or beefier lords like Undead Warchief. I'm talking about a straight up 3cc lord that gives +1/+1 duct taped together with an additional ability, like the lords of old. Correct me if I'm wrong, but these lords are exclusively rares...?

Deck Ideas

I think the Stromkirk Captain is pretty straight forward. Put multiple copies of him in a vampire deck and watch your vampires get bigger.

As much of a casual player that I am, I tend to shy away from traditional tribal decks most of the time--they're just so cookie-cutter. Tribal decks used to be the cool thing to play in the early days of yore. Goblins, merfolk, thrulls, saprolings, and even orcs used to be so much fun to play. Even when the slivers were introduced in Tempest, they were still kind of fun. To be honest, I think it all crashed and burned with Onslaught. It was tribal overload with decks that took little to no imagination to put together.

Anyway, enough of my musings. Play Stromkirk Captains in your vampire deck and your vampires will love you for it.

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