Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Card - Strangleroot Geist

Here we go folks! Not counting Faithless Looting (which was spoiled much earlier as it is a promotional card), Dark Ascension preview week is finally here! And the following card is the first of many Daily MTG is spoiling today, showing off some new mechanics. And the first card is...

...very interesting!

First Impressions

A super solid creature in draft and constructed. A 2/1 haste with a new and improved Persist mechanic? This card is going to be insane and will fit in nicely in both aggro decks, morbid decks, and pretty much any deck that takes advantage of abilities that trigger when creatures are put into your graveyard from the battlefield.

Deck Ideas

The very first thing that comes to mind is a Black/Green Innistrad Constructed deck which abuses Strangleroot Geist and Falkenwrath Noble. Both super solid creatures with the geist being able to deal double the life drain. In Legacy, I'd like to see this card paired with Unearth to bring the beats and keep them coming and coming and coming. What's better than double the value? Quadruple the value, of course.

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