Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Card - Soul Seizer / Ghastly Haunting

Not the strongest card of the all the spoilers posted today, but it may see some play... possibly? (a.k.a. "limited jank")

First Impressions

In all honesty, this card is just the Innistrad version of a much worse Control Magic, Treachery, Mind Control, and even Corrupted Conscience. It just fulfills the role of the Transform card that changes from a creature into an enchantment that we all knew was coming. It might see some play in Innistrad Draft just because it is still a 1/3 flier... I just don't see it being picked that highly, even in that format.

Deck Ideas

This one is going to have to take a little thought. There has to be a reason to run this card over more efficient fliers and/or more efficient control magic-type cards. There are only 2 things I see in favor of it:
  • Its creature type is 'spirit.'
  • It transforms.
There is possibly a spirit tribal deck out there that might use this in a sideboard (if they have absolutely no flying blockers), but even still, that's a stretch. It's only saving grace is if one of my Dark Ascension speculations comes true. I'm guessing that there will a few enchantments in Dark Ascension with abilities that trigger whenever a permanent Transforms. If that enchantment ends up being on a power level on par with Burning Vengeance, this card may have a place in that deck.

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