Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Card - Skirsdag Flayer

The spoiled cards from the anonymous source continue in this skirsdag common:

3B, Tap: Sacrifice a Human: Destroy target creature.

First Impression

Just yesterday I finished listening to the audiobook of A Song of Ice & Fire: A Dance of Dragons, so "flayer" has new meaning to me. Yes, my "first impression" is completely non-Magic related.

As for the card itself, it's pretty bad outside limited. The ability is good, but the activation is very high. Within limited, I think it's slightly better than it looks, mostly because you can sacrifice itself to activate its own ability. Not bad, not great, but a solid middle-ish pick especially for black which has very few 1cc and 2cc creatures to choose from.

Deck Ideas

Another black card that enjoys sacrificing humans. All I can say is that Dark Ascension has dramatically increased the value of the already valuable Doomed Traveler.

Let's face it, this traveler...

*puts on sunglasses* doomed.

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