Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Card - Requiem Angel

We continue mulling through the newly released, complete Dark Ascension visual spoiler here with card number 92 of 158:

First Impression

I like it. It's a limited bomb and is begging to be played in constructed... at least in casual. As a serious constructed card, its just not powerful enough at the cost of 6 mana. I mean, there are combos out there, but you want to win the game with your 6cc cards. Requiem Angel will get you eventually, but it'll take a couple turns to get going.

Deck Ideas

I've said this before and I'll say it again: Just about every card in Dark Ascension card combos with Gravecrawler and Requiem Angel is no exception.

Requiem Angel wants non-spirit do die and Gravecrawler dies repeatedly.

It must be said that my biggest problem with all the angels & demons in Dark Ascension is that they all seem to be tribal cards while not being part of the same tribe. The angels help humans and spirits (and zombies), but aren't spirits themselves. Decisions... decisions...

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