Friday, January 13, 2012

New Card - Pyreheart Wolf

The werewolves might have already been spoiled, but the normal wolves keep on coming. This latest card from Dark Ascension was originally spoiled by Magic Friends:

First Impression

I've said this before and I'll say it again: Any card with Undying on it is going to be a high pick in limited, and Pyreheart Wolf is no exception. It only has a 1/1 body, but makes your entire team hard to block effectively. Not only that, but Undying is actually extremely relevant to this particular ability. When you attack with this wolf, you're most likely sending in on a suicide mission. But because it has Undying, if your opponent doesn't have removal, you're going to be able to get in twice for double the pain.

Deck Ideas

I'm sure this card would be decent in any aggro deck (werewolf or non-werewolf), but it's hard to tell how it stacks up against other 3cc cards. This just might end up being one of those budget alternatives for people building budget casual decks. But if I had to make up a deck idea on the spot, I want to take a different angle and let's make use of that +1/+1 counter. I'm thinking Red/Blue Aggro Proliferation.

Pyreheart Wolf naturally gets a +1/+1 counter after it dies. And my mom always told me two +1/+1 counters was better than one. So let's throw in some Volt Charges, Tezzeret's Gambits, and top it off with Shrines of Burning Rage. Let's get some other creatures like Thrummingbird and help them out with Umezawa's Jitte.


(Okay, I might be stretching a little bit on this one.)

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