Monday, January 16, 2012

New Card - Predator Ooze

A new Dark Ascension card which represents Wizards' latest attempt at an old creature:

First Impression

The first instinct I had when I saw Predator Ooze was to compare it to an old Odyssey card named Chlorophant. Triple green costed creatures kind of have a long trouble history in Magic. There haven't been that many (as opposed to say... triple black enchantments) and most previous attempts at a "green creature that grows with a casting cost that limits it to mono-green decks" have been largely unsuccessful. The fact that this ooze is indestructible is the only reason it may be worth your consideration. It's a creature that gets bigger every turn. And once it becomes enough of a threat, your opponent is then forced to chump block every turn, making the ooze that much more big. Interesting.

Deck Ideas

Hard to say.

I would be most interested to see if Mono-Green Stompy is a viable archetype within Innistrad Block because of creatures like Predator and Strangleroot Geist. What mono-green is really lacking in Innistrad is any form of removal. The only really solid piece of removal so far is Prey Upon. But fortunately for Predator Ooze, Prey Upon works exceptionally well with the ooze.

Mono-Green Stompy worth considering? You never know.

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