Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Card - Mondronen Shaman / Tovolar's Magehunter

Judging from the names on the Dark Ascension Checklist that was released, there aren't too many werewolves in this set. And seeing that there are going to be zero double-faced cards in Avacyn Restored, this next werewolf may be one of the last werewolves introduced in the entire Innistrad Block:

First Impression

This card is just evil. In a limited format, if you ever get this card transformed, your opponent is going to be in a very deep hole. I still think it's casting cost is maybe 1 colorless mana too much to be truly great. I consider Tormented Pariah to be the worst werewolf in Innistrad. It's still a playable card, but it's the weakest of all the werewolves. And when you compare Tormented Pariah to Mondronen Shaman, if you never have a chance to flip it, it's exactly equal in power. I'd be happy to take it in a draft, but it's easily weaker than Instigator Gang at first glance.

Deck Ideas

Werewolf Tribal is the easy answer when it comes to potential deck ideas, so let's dig a little deeper and thing about casual Legacy possibilities. You can't exactly force opponents to cast the cards in their hand, but you can punish them for not casting them. I'm thinking of a deck with 2-4 copies of Mondronen Shaman coupled with four copies of Black Vise and then let your imagination go from there. Fill that deck with land destruction (so they can't cast spells, transforming the shaman) and some of your own counter spells (so that you can transform it on your own). Drop a couple Black Vises, play it slow and steady, and this card might actually find a place in your deck.

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