Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Card - Loyal Cathar / Unhallowed Cathar

The latest double-faced common card from Dark Ascension is spoiled for is all by Star City Games:

First Impression

Another solid common card for limited that will fit into any human based deck or any heavy white deck for that matter. 2/2 vigilance for 2cc is already good on its own. But this guy comes back for more if need be. He opens creature sacrifice archetypes and he adds to both human and zombie counts on the field if you can pick up any other cards that have synergies with either tribe. Solid common. I approve.

Deck Ideas

I'm trying to think of a deck that would make good use of both humans and zombies... and it's not coming to me just yet. In constructed, having him just as a human sacrifice isn't too sexy, because he's already trumped by the likes of Doomed Traveler. Another angle to think about is the delayed "recursion," meaning that he doesn't come back as a zombie immediately. Instead he takes a turn before coming back from the dead, unlike the spirit token from the Doomed Traveler which is created immediately. There might be something there, but again, it's not coming to me. Something to think about.

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  1. Try it on WW Soldiers, he'd be pretty much cool there.