Monday, January 9, 2012

New Card - Increasing Devotion

It looks like Increasing Confusion was part of a rare cycle of flashback sorceries after all. The latest card from Dark Ascension is the white card of that cycle:

First Impression

I'm definitely not as high on this as I was with Increasing Confusion. It's still a solid card, but the thing is that there is just so much efficient token generators out there, specifically in Innistrad Block. It's hard to judge the power level of the "Increasing Cycle" because their true power only comes out when they are flashback'd. Five humans for 5 mana? Not bad. Ten humans for 9 mana? Not bad, but not great.

That being said, I'm totally on board with the "Increasing" cards. And it begs the question: What is the red card going to be? It can't just be alternate Devil's Play, can it?

Deck Ideas

Like I said, there are plenty of other token generating cards out there that kind of put this one to shame. If anything, to justify the inclusion of this card over some of the others, you'd definitely have to focus on the flashback. I might be able to see it in a white/blue deck with a set of Careful Studies to really power it out. But on the other hand, I have to point out the synergy that Increasing Confusion is going to have with every single "Increasing" card that's going to be printed in Dark Ascension. Depending on the power of the other three cards, an "Increasing Rainbow" deck is a possibility!

Speaking of flashback, let's not forget an old favorite from the Odyssey Block: Catalyst Stone

"Flashback costs you pay cost up to 2 less."

Not only will it help pay for the huge flashback cost of Increasing Devotion, but it will also pay for the X flashback cost of Increasing Confusion. That's right. If you have 4 Catalyst Stones in play and an Increasing Confusion in your graveyard, you can mill a total of 16 cards from your opponent's library for a single blue mana. Happy deck building.

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