Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Card - Increasing Confusion

This next card is quite possibly the more perfectly designed mill-card that doubles as a utility card, ever produced:

First Impressions

As Blaze is to Lightning Bolt, Increasing Confusion is to Dream Twist... well not exactly. That would be the cast if Dream Twist flashback'd for double the cards. This card on the other hand is just insane. Because of the way the card is designed, it's almost begging for you to hard cast in on yourself and then flashback'd on your opponent. In Innistrad Draft format, this card can almost end the game on its own as efficiently as Devil's Play. I think it's that good.

Deck Ideas

In my MTG Salvation thread, my force drafting of Mill Strategy in Innistrad for a month has been well documented. And this card is just bonkers for that same strategy. Keep in mind that this is a rare, so it's not like you'll see this card all of the time. But I would even go as so far as to say that if this is easily a pack 1, pick 1 for any Innistrad block draft. And from there, you leave yourself open to either UGb self-mill or the UW or UB offensive mill deck. (Happy drafting!)

1 comment:

  1. Increasing Confusion will make its mark in standard, to bring back the validity of solar flare and in combination with runechanter's pike in the red blue delver decks. The ability to tap out to get a large amount of creatures with at least three creatures in the graveyard and three unburial rites can definitely help. In modern, eldrazi lords will see more play to stop from getting milled out. and i agree self mill blue green will most definitely be a force to be reckoned with.