Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Card - Hunger of the Howlpack

It looks like green has itself a new combat trick which may be a staple in Innistrad, Standard, Modern, and maybe even Legacy decks. I'm not too sure. What I do know for certain is that it's going to find it's way into at least a couple of my casual decks here on this blog:

First Impressions

A persistent Giant Growth. Say it out loud and let it sink in. At the cost of 1 green mana at instant speed, this card is going to be huge in the Innistrad Draft format. If your opponent is playing green and if they have a single green mana source open, you're never going to feel comfortable whenever you attack or block. Morbid enablers just got another reason to be picked higher in each pack.

Deck Ideas

Whenever I see solid cards that deal with +1/+1 counters, my mind immediately goes to Proliferation Decks and cards like Triskelion, Pentavus, and Spike Weaver. Imagine a Blue/Green semi-aggro Proliferation Deck with a 2nd turn Thrummingbird, leading into a 3rd turn attack and pump. You could potentially have a 4th turn 5/5 flier ready to beat some more face. Of course, you would have to find a way to trigger morbid, but in Legacy, I'm sure it can't be too hard to figure out.

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