Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Card - Havengul Lich

A new zombie card from Dark Ascension that's interesting on many levels:

First Impression

Things of note:
  1. You can target a creature in any graveyard.
  2. Havengul Lich has the same casting cost of Grimgrin, Corpse Born.
  3. None of the zombies in Innistrad Block (so far) have activated abilities, except for Grimgrin.
Since Grimgrin is a legendary creature, in a pure zombie deck, Havengul Lich conveniently combos very well with Grimgrin. That's actually really funny. I wonder if that was intentional. With identical casting costs, you might think that the lich and Grimgrin would be competing for slots, but I think it's possible for them to peacefully co-exist.

Deck Ideas

Just like Gravecrawler and Ghoultree before, almost every single zombie reveal for Dark Ascension is tailor made to be included into my existing BUG Zombie Deck. I can see myself including either 1-2 Havengul Lich and reducing Grimgrin to a 1-of in that deck.

I played good number of games with that deck in the "Tournament Practice" room in MTGO and I've had a lot of fun with it. I've never entered a Daily Tournament because it's no where near a Tier 1 deck. It's not even a Tier 2. But with all these new badass zombie cards that are coming out in Dark Ascension, the zombie tribal deck might actually be a viable deck for Innistrad Block. And if it is, I'll be sure to enter one of the up coming Dailies, take some screen shots and post up an article in the Featured Articles section of this blog.

Can't wait.

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