Friday, January 20, 2012

New Card - Grim Backwoods

Here's the second card of a newly spoiled batch of unofficial Dark Ascension previews:

First Impression

If Seaside Haven is the bar that has been set for lands that can sacrifice creatures to draw cards, I don't think it would've been unreasonable for the Grim Backwoods' activation cost to be reduced to 1BG. Still, it's a mana producing land that can sacrifice creatures for cards in a set where repeatable enablers for morbid at instant speed is very relevant. Not bad. Actually, pretty good in the right deck.

(I still think the activation cost should have been 1BG.)

Deck Ideas

Morbid and undying love this card and luckily enough for Grim Backwoods, black and green seem to be the main offenders of both morbid and undying. I keep going back and forth on whether or not a Mono Green Stompy or a hybrid Black/Green aggro deck would be better in the wake of Dark Ascension. This complete picture still isn't very clear.

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