Monday, January 16, 2012

New Card - Grafdigger's Cage

In a deck which features a graveyard theme, the inevitable happens... and it's hilarious:

First Impression

I'm just going to scribble all of my many thoughts down in list form:
  • LOL.
  • Burning Vengeance decks just got a big kick in the nuts.
  • The value of Naturalize just went up.
  • The value of Ancient Grudge just went way up.
  • Havengul Lich now has something to fear.
  • Black/White Token decks are effected very little by this.
  • Werewolf decks are effected very little by this.
  • People may start playing this in their sideboard instead of Witchbane Orb, making "Curse Decks" a potential reality after all.
At the cost of a single colorless mana, Wizards just took a huge messy dump on the entire metagame. Upon further inspection, it's not as if they decided to reprint Tormod's Crypt, but the effect that this card will have is going to be very close. Unlike Tormod's Crypt, the Grafdigger's Cage can exist for a couple turns before it's dealt with before your decks begins to perform its normal graveyard shinanigans once more. Tormod's Crypt is final while Grafdigger's Cage is temporary. If Wizards was going to inject something like this into a graveyard heavy block like Innistrad, I think the "temporary route" was the correct way to go.

Deck Ideas

If you play Innistrad Block, if you're playing a deck that doesn't abuse the graveyard, you're going to want to run 4 copies of Grafdigger's Cage in your main deck and/ore sideboard. There's no question about it. If you play a format were Tormod's Crypt or Bojuka Bog exist, play those cards instead. Those cards are still better.

(Obviously, there are cards which fetch creatures from a player's library. And against those cards, Tormod's Crypt and Bojuka Bog have no effect. In those cases Grafdigger's Cage becomes your go-to guy.)

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