Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Card - Gather the Townsfolk

This next batch of cards, from this first day of spoilers, comes from the Dark Ascension spoiler from MTG Salvation and it looks like the Fateful Hour card are going to keep on coming:

First Impressions

Like I said in my post for Thraben Doomsayer, it's nice to see a new mechanic that fits in exactly with a deck idea that I've had floating around for a while. There are just a handful of cards out there that have abilities which require "3 or less life" or "5 or less life." And by the time Dark Ascension is fully spoiled, because of Fateful Hour, I'm sure the number of those card will have doubled.

Deck Ideas

It's hard to tell how these new cards will fit. In the past, with cards like Avatar of Hope and Death's Shadow, that deck always felt like it wanted to be really bomby and controly. That deck just wanted to drop your life total as fast as possible, cast a fatty or two, and then protect it by any means necessary. These first two new cards feel like tempo cards that fit the human theme, but not necessarily this other deck I had in mind. I hope the next few cards with Fateful Hour will fit my deck much better.

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