Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Card - Falkenwrath Aristocrat

How many 4cc vampires are they going to print in Innistrad Block? Time to make some tough choices. This next card comes to use from Channel Fireball:

First Impression

Another solid 4cc vampire creature. The problem is that this slow is already filled by both Bloodline Keeper and Olivia Voleran. And in a vacuum, I think both of the other two vampires are much better. In constructed, I don't think this will see much play. On the other hand, if Gravecrawler is going to make as big an impact as everyone thinks it will, there may be a aggro possibility which brings me to my next point...

Deck Ideas

Falkenwrath Aristocrat, Gravecrawler, and Burning Vengeance. I think the only way to value the artisocrat over Bloodline Keeper and Olivia is to exploit the aristocrat's sacrifice ability to its fullest. Gravecrawler keeps the sacrifices coming and Burning Vengeance seals the deal. Throw in some black or red humans (such as Skirsdag High Priest) and it might actually work.

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