Monday, January 23, 2012

New Card - Elgaud Inquisitor

We continue mulling through the newly released, complete Dark Ascension visual spoiler here with card number 85 of 158:

First Impression

Worse than Mausoleum Guard. No question about the fact than an additional 1/1 flying spirit token is much better than lifelink on the base creature. That being said, Elgaud Inquisitor is common and Mausoleum Guard is uncommon. And as a common it's still very solid, especially in limited.

Deck Ideas

I still fantasize about making an Innistrad Block deck that uses Chalice of Life as a win condition. And in that particular deck, Elgaud Inquisitor wins out over the Mausoleum Guard. I'm thinking of a white/blue human based deck with Invisible Stalker, Silver-Inlaid Dagger, Butcher's Cleaver, some counter spells, a few Chalices, and a single Archangel's Light?

(I might be dreaming.)

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