Friday, January 20, 2012

New Card - Diregraf Captain

In another set of unofficial spoilers, it looks like we have the third captain of the "Captain Cycle" from Dark Ascension:

First Impression

If you include Stromkirk Captain and Everwolf, Diregraf Captain looks to be the third captain in a Captain Cycle of cards. I like it. It's a zombie, it's a lord, and it speeds up the clock on your opponent considerably. And just like 3/4 of the cards in Dark Ascension, it combos with Gravecrawler.

Deck Ideas

Zombies love Diregraf Captain. Put him in a zombie deck.

More specifically, Diregraf Captain wants to be pair up with zombies that die repeatedly. This criteria is met by three zombies in particular: With the introduction of an efficient lord, maybe zombies are constructed viable after all?

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