Friday, January 20, 2012

New Card - Curse of Blood Letting

A rare curse from Dark Ascension... and I don't know what to make of it:

First Impression

The curses that were introduced in Innistrad which are now re-introduced here in Dark Ascension and they're all still very strange and I don't exactly know what to make of them:
  • With the existence of Witchbane Orb, I still can't help but feel like they're somewhat worthless. In Innistrad Block, in an environment were Burning Vengeance decks are still pretty good, it's hard to justify them in any deck.
  • The funny thing is that their value is completely dependent on how prevalent Witchbane Orb is included in other people's sideboards. And Witchbane Orbs are the most prevalent in Innistrad Block. Therefore, the curses are the worst in the block in which they were introduced. Therefore, the further you get away from Block Constructed, the more playable they become.
  • From a design standpoint, this is all very strange to me. It's as if some cards in booster packs are intentionally made to be unplayable against product in the same pack.
The card itself is fine. It feels like it could have had a converted mana cost of 4, especially in the face of Witchbane Orb. It's not like Curse of Blood Letting would ever have become overpowered against such an efficient hoser.

(Also, I'm still waiting on my rare blue curse to be spoiled.)

Deck Ideas

I'm still waiting on my rare blue curse and I hope it has a converted mana cost of 1. Between Curse of Blood Letting and Curse of Thirst to go along with Curse of Death's Hold, it seems to me that the three main curses that you want to include most in the "Curse Deck" are all clogging up the same slot. And let's not forget about Bitterheart Witch who only contributes to the same problem.

I'd like to see the Curse Deck work, at least casually. But as things stand as of now, they're not even at the power level of the hondens. They need to at least be of that power level and right now, it's not even close.

--But if I were to force it right now, I think it's pretty clear that you have to start with Heartless Summoning and go from there. The goal would be to get 2+ Heartless Summoning into play and turn Bittheart Witch into a tutor for any curse in your deck for a single black mana.

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