Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Card - Chant of the Skifsang

I was wondering what happened to all of the missing "13" cards of Dark Ascension that were notoriously featured in Innistrad in the interest of flavor. There were five such cards featured in Innistrad. Hopefully this is only the first of five to be featured in Dark Ascension and it was first previewed by Wizards Community Germany/UK:

Enchant creature
Enchanted creature gets -13/-0.

First Impression

This is just a bigger, badder Sensory Deprivation and I feel like this card could have been 1 colorless mana less to cast and still be fine. As it stands, I still like it and this is going to fit in nicely for the people who love to draft the Mill Strategy. A good solid, common, pseudo removal spell for blue.

It also features the number "13" which earns it extra brownie points.

Deck Ideas

In limited, there is the Mill Strategy where the chant will see use (as well as other controlly combinations which feature many evasion creatures). But for constructed, let's have some fun and dig deep for cards like Dwarven Thaumaturgist and Inside Out. Let's go red/blue and feature power and toughness switching cards like Manichi, the Fevered Dream and Merfolk Thaumaturgist. Let's open up with a Chant of Skifsang to the face and follow it up with Twisted Image for the win.

Inside Out and Twisted Image in particular have my attention because they're cantrips. Because of this, I feel like going the storm strategy and throw in cards like Empty the Warrens, Flutterstorm, and Temporal Fissure.

This deck is obviously for the casual crowd only, but that's what happens sometimes when you center decks around odd cards.

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