Monday, January 23, 2012

New Card - Burden of Guilt

We continue mulling through the newly released, complete Dark Ascension visual spoiler here with card number 83 of 158:

First Impression

What an interesting card. I mean, it's so bad and yet, it's so clunky in such a unique way. There has to be a use for it somewhere, right? Although it's a very poor form of removal, I think the best use of Burden of Guilt is to break out the old uptap cards of Shadowmore and Eventide.

Deck Ideas

For this deck I think you have to start with Patrol Signaler and Order of Whiteclay. I think four of each of these cards will be more than enough to run a full set of Burdens of Guilt. Even if you can't get a combo going, each of these creatures is good on their own and Burden of Guilt can be semi-removal after all. Or maybe its better to make a white/blue/green deck featuring Gilder Bairn to open up more combo potential?

Either way, it's still clunky and it still opens yourself up to 2-for-1's, but it's a start.

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