Monday, January 9, 2012

New Card - Altar of the Lost

Speaking of mana fixers, this new artifact from Dark Ascension is one of the best in Innistrad Block thus far!

First Impression

I think I'm in love. For those who don't know, the only thing I like more than Block Constructed are thematic Legacy decks, and this card covers both bases. I've done a fair bit of Innistrad Drafting and one thing that format was severely lacking was color fixing--specifically color fixing for the dual-color flashback cards such as Spider Spawning, Unburial Rites, and Forbidden Alchemy. Many times in draft, you'll be shooting for a 2-color deck while splashing a third. And many of those times, the 3rd color splash would be for one of these flashback cards. This artifact makes those splashes much easier on the mana.

Deck Ideas

As far as Legacy is concerned, it's time to dip into the old flashback well and dig it all out again because this artifact just blew that deck wide open. The thing about flashback is that it's even split among all five colors. There are powerful cards in each of the colors and if you wanted to make a true flashback deck, you'd almost certainly run into mana issues. Drop in a set of Altars of the Lost and all of a sudden, you're set. Get a set of Catalyst Stones, stuff it in with some Faithless Looting, Forbidden Alchemy, Deep Analysis, Roar of the Wurm, and top it off with Burning Vengeance and you have your self one hell of a deck.

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